Bramshott and Liphook Social Club
Bramshott and Liphook Social Club

General club information

Name of organisation
Bramshott & Liphook Social Club

Registered office
4 Headley Road
Liphook GU30 7NP


Contact details
Tel: 01428 722711 01428 722711


Club rules

Members will receive a full booklet with all the terms and conditions of membership.


Summary of the general day to day rules of the Club:

  • The Club has a no smoking policy inside, however a covered area is available outside for those who do wish to smoke.
  • E-cigarettes are not permitted inside the building. You must use the smoking area provided.
  • The Club does not have a restaurant facility, however you may bring food into the Club with the Steward's permission.
  • Food may be brought into the Club for events or functions that have been booked and permission has been granted. 
  • There is a zero tolerance policy towards any drugs or weapons anywhere on the premises. Any breach or suspicion of breaching this policy will result in those providing or taking drugs or handling any weapons being ejected from the Club. Further legal action may also be considered.
  • Members are invited to bring families into the club, provided children are appropriately behaved and supervised at all times. Please be considerate to other members, who may be watching sports or socialising.
  • Please be considerate to our neighbours and keep the noise down if you are outside the Club, and when leaving the Club at night.
  • Please refrain from using offensive or obscene language that may upset other members and children. 
  • The Steward and appointed staff may close the Club earlier than advertised times.



Bramshott & Liphook Social Club

4 Headley Road


GU30 7NP




Tel: 01428 722711 01428 722711

Want to join us?

If you would like to become a member, please contact us:


use the form on our web site here,


email us


or call in to speak to the steward at the club.


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